First Blog Post ever, SweetUp inspired

Here goes something.. (I hope 🙂 ) Today i went to SweetUp event “A shmoozefest for bloggers and brands” i really enjoyed myself! Thank you to all the organizers and panelists for inspiring me to start a blog 🙂 I hope you all enjoy! B4 going to Monsey for a twins upshenish/bday party I HAD TO stop off at BCBG down the block from the event to see what steals i could find.. and what do u know i found the perfect pair of sunnies 🙂 so yaya for me! Its something about BCBG and I… what can i say we have a great relationship 🙂 When i was checking out i saw the wall display behind the cashier and thought of how brilliant it was and how easy it would be to replicate it on a smaller scale to fit into your home. So ill let the pictures talk for themselves! (and if anyone does try to make something like this don’t be shy.. email me and id love to have a “follow up” haha! im thinking way to fancy here.. but u never know who might actually listen to my crazy ideas.)  I have no idea what the next post will be about but people.. this wont be my ‘photography’ blog because you can all visit my FB PAGE and WEBSITE to see that stuff.. this is more fun 🙂 this will be the place i let my iphone camera come to life and share with you little  experiences/tips/inspiration 🙂


Have a trip to the city tomorrow thinking about mayb doing a blog post with some children inspired outfits! 🙂 and hopefully anther shopping deal! 🙂