Silly Monkey Business

For those of you who live in Brooklyn, or for those of you who drive by Eastern Parkway often i bet you never notices a monkey in a window!

Id like to give a shout out to Rendo for pointing this out to me a couple of months back because every time i pass this place i get a much-needed big smile and sometimes even a laugh!

So what,where,when,who?

What: A monkey in a window. The owner dresses up/ positions his monkey up daily (sometimes i see he gets lazy or is on vacation when the monkey isn’t being taken care of) with something new, or adds some sort of prop. I have seen he monkey with tweety on his head, upside down, in an old grama gown etc.. its pretty fun to watch his creativity.

Where: 2nd floor in Richard Meier green glass tower on Eastern Parkway! Right across the street from the Brooklyn Library/ Grand army plaza. (Safety tip: drive on the service lane so u can pull over and check it out, don’t be smart and try to take a picture as u drive on the main road)

When: Every day (unless he’s on vacation or something)

Who: I’m planning on finding out.. I will deff. update you when i meet him  ( maybe its a her!)

All i can say is GET A MONKEY! Dont take life way too seriously! Express yourself and make people laugh! It’s so worth it!!

Oh and of course I had to stop at Fox’s while waiting for my dad in a meeting i wasn’t exactly going to eat out myself so i went shopping instead. This dress was $44 and like perfect! And my daily Starbucks trip always consists of a passion hot tea or green machine naked blended! Helps me get through all the editing!


P.S if you snap a picture next time you pass by be sure to email it to me so i can make have a follow-up on the monkeys wardrobe 🙂 Thank You!

Oh… and be sure to share this so all your Brooklyn friends can enjoy this !

And people!! i made ONE smile!! yaya me! (i want to make anther but i will keep the yellow circles for my texts)