Who is stopping you?

1st off im going to tone down on the smilies … 🙂

Who is stopping you?! I get asked all the time how i started all this at such a young age, how do i get around, how do i meet my clients etc. My answer is simple: Im motivated  and I have passion & energy. what else do u need?

Why keep your brilliant ideas in you mind, why shy away from taking you hobby or skill to the next level , why do you alway wish and not try to make it more a reality?

List of what I think people tell themselves that stop them from doing something big (or small)

1. Im not good enough, there are so many people out there that do it so much better.

2. I just cant just start offering services, who am i ?!

3. I don’t want to be one of those who open something up and then have it fail

We all know this list can go on and on excuses are pretty easy to make but have such a strong effect on you!

List of what i think people need to start telling themself to make something happen!

1. There is obviously a demand for something if so many people are doing it (Graphic design, jewelry designers, salon shops…)

2/3. Yes you can!! if you know you have the passion for doing something, opening something up, creating something then GO FOR IT! what do u have to lose? I just read a quote on one of my friends statuses “I would rather live a life of oh wells than what ifs” just think about that.

If you have passion, and you have the talent and drive and friends/family to support you there is nothing stopping you but urself. Think about it YOU know YOU can do it. Just find  some inspiration and start!

Oh and for people who think you need everything set up b4 you start something… hahaha year right!! how many amazing bakeries started with sharing you treats with neighbors, selling them at bake sales, selling them online.. and then yes one day they become flourishing bakeries. You can start small but don’t let details get in the way of starting something amazing! (and one last smile… 🙂 )

Start Now. Whats to lose?

Start Small. Dream Big.



7 thoughts on “Who is stopping you?

  1. Wow very inspiring! I completely agree with you. I’ve taken risks and failed and guess what I survived and I’m not going to let it stop me from taking some more! My motto in life is “if not now then when?”

  2. I’m so impressed you set this up so quickly. It’s a really cute blog! Can I give you one little piece of advice? Okay don’t kill me but…kill some of those smileys…I know it’s your personality and it makes you great but they can be a bit distracting. Just add one at the end! Like this 🙂

    • Thank You!! 🙂 still working on it! i love advice – yeah i got that from a few pple. too many yellow circles. i only made 2 on my second one.. ill cut it down to 1 on tonight! Thanks so much

      ❤ Chana

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